Separations at JSH Laser are produced in two ways. Hand separations are produced by traditional artistic techniques. Alternatively hand drawn artwork is scanned in using either the flatbed or rotary Drum scanner for larger artwork.

Fine line and smooth tonal work is produced by our highly trained artists using the most up to date equipment and software to create the best possible representation of your original artwork.

How best to submit separations for engraving. Click here,
How best to submit artwork for separation. Click here.

When separation work is complete, your design can be outputted in a number of different ways:

  • As a low cost alternative to buying screens a sample run can be printed on to fabric, giving the customer a good representation of how the design will look when made in to actual garments.

  • Mini Films can be produced for you to make your own Flat screens.

  • Mini Films can be produced for us to produce Flat screens.

  • Large format paper prints of up to 1 metre 30cm wide and 4 meters in length can be produced for you to check design repeats, centering of designs etc.

  • Small A3 Prints can be produced. These are useful to check small repeats or design interpretation without the expense of going for a large format printout.

  • Ultimately our premier service is to produce Rotary Screens for the fabric printing industry.

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