As well as supplying printers with engraved printing screens, JSH Laser offer a service of digitally printed fabric. We print on a wide variety of cotton and polyester fabrics giving you the opportunity to see what your design will look like on fabric without having to invest in printing screens.


Digitally Printed Fabric

Digitally printed fabric can be up to 1600mm wide with a minimum order of one metre on our direct to textile fabric printer. This is a cost effective method to produce sample garments for photo shoots and design meetings without having to incur the costs of screen printing. Turnaround time is also dramatically reduced as printed fabric is usually returned within a few days from receipt of design. Other benefits of our digital printing service is the choice of unlimited colours, no set repeat sizes and the photographic quality images once unattainable in conventional printing.

We have a wide range of cotton and polyester based fabrics available for digitally printing or customers can supply their own.

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digital printing

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Over the years, J.S.H. Laser Ltd. has kept up to date with the latest technology. Where past technological investments have been successful in keeping our company at the forefront of the rotary screen engraving industry, you will be more interested in where we are now. This page contains information on current technology J.S.H. Laser Ltd. use, to give you an insight into our continuing trend of investing in the right technology to get the job done to an excellent standard.

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Scanner Technology

Flat bed, black and white rotary and full colour rotary scanners are used for inputting original artwork to our separation computers, depending on the original artwork size and medium. i.e. black and white film work would be scanned using the black and white rotary scanner.

Separation Technology
Even if the separations have been produced using traditional hand drawn techniques, they still need to be transferred onto our computers for final retouching.

Designs are transferred onto our AVA CAD/CAM Apple Mac based software, or our Nedgraphics PC based software to be separated.

Design separation

Using both PC computers and Apple Mac computers tied into the same computer network gives us the unique position of being able to transfer files seamlessly between the two formats.

Printer Technology
Currently both wide format paper prints and smaller "Super A3" prints are available for you to use in the design process.

Wide prints can be up to 1metre 30cm in width and up to 4 metres in length. These prints are extremely useful for furnishing designs as full engraving width prints can be produced to show design placement on the final fabric roll.

Design separation

This is a scaled down version of a design which was printed out at actual size to a length of 1727mm and a width of 800mm. It clearly demonstrates how a well balanced design will look on the final print run.


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