Rotary Screen Engraving

At JSH Laser we have two rotary screen engraving machines:

  • A Stork 2000 (upgraded to Stork 4000 specs)
  • A Zedco Screen Engraver Laser

We can produce rotary screens to accommodate a wide range of specifications:

Rotary screens can be engraved anything up to 3500mm in length. Standard screen circumferences are all supported:

  • 537 mm
  • 640mm
  • 688mm
  • 801mm
  • 820 mm
  • 914 mm
  • 1018 mm

A wide range of meshes are available:
Generally between 30 mesh and 195 mesh screens are available. This includes special screens.

Check the Nickelmesh website for more information on screens available.

JSH Laser use a unique method of endringing screens quickly and consistently. This is achieved using exclusively designed circular heat lamps that dry the glue evenly and quickly around the screen allowing us to accommodate our customers demand for high quality reliable endrings.

Screen Coating
All our rotary and flat screens are coated in-house. This gives us the flexibility to meet customer needs particularly when it comes to coating special screen meshes.

Flat Screen Engraving
Flat screen production is also available at JSH laser.

The largest flat screen size we currently produce is: 80" x 59" however screen sizes of up to 80" x 80" are possible.

Meshes range between 15 and 120 but special meshes are available upon request.

Mini films can be supplied by the customer or by our own separation and film developing services.

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