Historical Archives

The following images are taken from the JSH archives, some of the pictures date from as far back as 1880. Click the thumbnails to see full sized versions of each image.
One of the oldest pictures of the company probably taken around 1880. Regular visitors to John Spencer's will probably recognise this as the rear of the current premises.
The oldest known staff picture at John Spencer (Hazelhurst) Ltd. The founder of the company, John Spencer (Top left wearing the bowler hat). John Forshaw who will later marry John Spencer's daughter is second from the right in the middle row. (Just behind the left shoulder of the man with the huge white side burns).
An older looking John Forshaw from the previous picture, at this time (the early 1900's) the owner of the company with his wife Amelia.
A later staff picture, with the absence of the now deceased founder John Spencer. Notice the staff count has risen. Also notice local landmarks Holcombe Hill and Peel Tower in the background.

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