This page is here to give you a guide of the variety of digital information JSH Laser can accept. Including File Formats, Digital Storage Media (Disks) and e-mail.

File Formats
Generally, both IBM PC and Apple Mac file formats are supported.
However here is a list of the most common file formats used by us:

Adobe Photoshop™
Adobe Illustrator™


Nedgraphics (Including Design files, Dif files and Layermaster files)
Stork Engraving Files

Tiff files seem to be the most commonly used file for exporting from one computer to another, but as a general rule if your original design was made in any of the above packages then it is wise to keep the original file format. If indeed you wish to use other file formats such as JPEG, EPS or GIF then it is no problem for us to convert the files.

Digital storage media
There are a large variety of storage media available. Apart from the obvious, floppy disks, here is a list of the different kinds of disk JSH Laser can use.

  • Optical Disks
    600mb 1.2gb 2.3gb 2.6gb All need to be ASPI compatible.

  • iomega® jaz disks
    1gb 2gb

  • iomega® zip disks
    100mb 250mb

  • SyQuest disks

  • Compact disks (CD-R)

  • DVD Ram
    5.2gb 9.4gb

Alternatively you can send designs to us via e-mail and FTP for larger files.

It is very easy to e-mail small designs to us at the e-mail address on the contacts page. Just attach your file to your e-mail and send it to us. If your file is quite large then it is easy to compress the file using a utility such as winzip.

e-mail all designs to:


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