Submitting Your Own Separations.
It is becoming more common for customers to submit their own separation work to be engraved from. Here is a quick guide as to how best to submit your designs for engraving.

N.B This page is designed for people who have completed separations and require their designs to be engraved very quickly.

  • It may seem obvious. But make sure that someone has checked your separation work. Check overlaps and repeat layouts etc.

  • When sending separations for engraving, please try to include as much detail about the design as possible eg repeat sizes, drop, engraving width etc.

  • Ensure centre is correct. Alternatively, ensure centre is clearly marked on hard copy.

  • Resolution is important. The higher the resolution the finer the detail you can achieve in your designs. As standard 254 dpi (10dpmm) or 508 dpi (20dpmm).

  • Send hard copies (printouts, films) of your separations.

  • Include clear pitching details.

  • Generally Tiff files are most commonly used for engraving tones and Stork MST files are used for engraving flat colours. Either way we support a number of different file formats. Click here for file format listing.

  • Separations can be submitted via E-mail, CD, DVD or Ftp.

If you need anymore information on submitting designs for engraving, then don't hesitate to contact us.

For a printable version of this page, click here.

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