Submitting your own artwork.
At JSH laser we can accommodate most mediums of artwork. We have consistently been flexible to our customers needs. However to help us translate the quality and accuracy of your original design to the final print it is worth considering the following when submitting artwork, digital or otherwise.

  • Provide as much detail as possible about the design i.e. colours required, tones required, repeat layouts e.t.c.

  • The more detailed and clear the artwork, the easier it is to separate.

  • If you are sending a computer printout for separation, chances are a computer file exists
    somewhere. It is usually easier to work from the original computer file.

  • If you are a designer and are considering sending a digital file. Try to keep the resolution quite high. This ensures a clearer image to separate from. As a guide we use 254 dpi (10dpmm) for regular work and 508 dpi (20dpmm) for more detailed work.

  • If you are sending digital files check our file formats page for a list of file formats used by us.

  • If a certain repeat is required it is best to include this in the artwork being sent to avoid any confusion.

  • If you are to include a repeat don't forget your design repeat height will have to be a multiple of the rotary screen size you are working to. Check the Engraving page for standard rotary screen sizes, or check with your printer on screen size to be used.

  • Try to ensure that you are happy with the final design before you send it to us to separate. With larger, more complicated designs it is usually more complicated to alter the design after it has been separated.

These pointers should make the transition from concept and design to print run more smoothly.

Don't forget that JSH are very flexible and almost any artwork can be used to produce separations.

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